B-Bingo Have Fun in Boring Meetings

Can't stay awake in meetings? Want to have some fun during that endless talk?

ScreenshotPlay B-Bingo at meetings, conferences, whenever you have to listen to a really boring talk. The first one to select 5 phrases in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins B-Bingo!

B-Bingo comes with several word lists for business and computers slang built in. You can also define your own word lists. Simply create a memo named Bullshit Bingo with 25 lines of text. To force line breaks at specified places for long words, enter a space.

Got a great B-Bingo word list? Send it to us and we'll include it in future revisions.

Open B-Bingo in iTunesB-Bingo is available for iOS, Android, Palm webOS, Windows Mobile und Palm OS.

The Android version was published in a series of articles about Android programming in the German computer magazine c't.