B-Bingo 4.2 B-Bingo for iPhone/iPad

Available on the App Store Can't stay awake in meetings? Want to have some fun during that endless talk?

ScreenshotPlay B-Bingo at meetings, conferences, whenever you have to listen to a really boring talk. The first one to select 5 buzzwords in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins B-Bingo! Shake your device or use menu New to reshuffle the tiles and start over.

B-Bingo runs on all iPhones and iPads with iOS 7 or higher.

Word Lists

B-Bingo comes with a standard built-in buzzword list, but you can easily change it and define your own word lists. You can easily switch between different word lists by swiping left or right. Use the menu to send word lists via mail (as simple text files). From E-Mail, use the Open-In dialog to open text files in B-Bingo.

Team Play

You can play B-Bingo over the network with your colleagues or friends. Just select Team Play from the menu, enter your (nick) name, and press Connect. Once connected, you can send your current word list to all players (so you all play with the same list of words, but of course with a random layout), and you see immediately when one of the players wins.

Note: if your local (corporate) network does not support ad-hoc connections via WiFi, switch off WiFi and enable Bluetooth in the iOS Settings app, then try to connect again.


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Last Update: 2019-08-07