Cycling 1.0 Your complete cyclist's diary

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Installation and Usage

RClock Cycling runs on all Palm OS handhelds with at least Palm OS 3.
At the very first start Cycling shows you the preferences screen to get your default units for distance and weight data. You can also set your height to enable the Body Mass Index (BMI) which is calculated every time you enter a weight. You can change these settings any time later.

Month & Week view

RClock Cycling's month view displays training days and saved other data at a glance. The symbols have the following meaning:
  • The stopwatch [ ] symbolizes a training session, i.e. a distance or time saved for this day.
  • The weight symbol [ ] indicates a weight entry for this day.
  • The hearts [ ] indicate pulse values.
  • The "T" [ ] represents a temperature value for this day.
  • The "N" [ ] indicates additional notes saved for this day.
Cycling's week view (accessible via the bottom left button [ ]) displays a weekly summary of distances.
You can delete all entries for the current month using the appropriate menu item under "Options".

Data Entry

RClock A tap on a specific day in the month view opens the central input form for Cycling. Here you can enter all your training and fitness data.
Numbers are entered with counter taps. The route manager offers an easy way to enter your favorite cycling routes and allows for more detailed statistics.
  • If you enter distance and time Cycling automatically calculates your average speed. You can also enter your achieved top speed.
  • Your last weight is displayed right above the input box for your current weight. You can use the arrow to take over this last weight.
  • Your heart rate (pulse) is stored with three parameters: rest pulse, average pulse, and peak pulse.
You can delete all data for this day using the appropriate menu item.

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RClock Cycling calculates extensive statistics for various exercise and fitness values. You can select the the time period which these calculations are based on.
  • Distance statistics show either an overall performance summary or a route specific analysis.
  • Weight statistics show your last, average, min and max weight.
  • Pulse statistics show your min, max and average values for rest and peak pulse.
The statistics are accessible via the main menu under "Views".

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RClock Cycling converts your data into detailed graphics. You can tap on any point of the graph to get more information about this entry.
  • Speed graphics show your achieved average speed.
  • Pulse graphics show all three pulse value (rest, average and peak pulse) in one graphic.
  • Weight is shown in your default weight.
The graphics are accessible via the main menu under "Views".

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Route Editor

RClock For your convenience Cycling offers Route profiling which allows you to save specific information about your favorite cycling tracks. You can save distance, terrain, surface, and difficulty for each route.
The Route list is drag'n'drop enabled which allows you to drag favorite entries to the top of the list for easier access.
The Route list and the Route Editor are accessible via the main menu.

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RClock Default values for distance, weight and temperature units are saved in the preferences. If you enter your height here Cycling can calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) for each weight you enter.
"Colors" means the bluish background in certain screens.
The preferences are accessible via the main menu.

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Export Spreadsheet

If you have Microsoft Excel 97 or better, you can analyze your Cycling data using this Excel spreadsheet.
Simply open the spreadsheet in MS Excel and make sure to select "Activate Macros" if the Virus warning pops up. This Excel spreadsheet contains VBA code that reads the Cycling database. It does not, of course, contain any viruses.
The "Open CyclingDB.pdb" dialog will pop up, asking you for the path to the Cycling database. Please locate the file CyclingDB.pdb in your ...\palm\<username>\backup folder. This file is automatically created during each HotSync if you have the option "System:Handheld overwrites Desktop" selected (this is the standard value).
The spreadsheet will then convert all Cycling data into Excel columns which you can use to print out or save in any format you like.
Please note that only the latest version of Cycling and only MS Excel 97 and better on Wintel platforms are supported.

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Shareware Registration/License

Cycling is shareware and must be licensed (registered). Please purchase a Cycling license for just US$ 15. Licensed users will receive support and free program updates. Please contact us for volume discounts or site licenses.

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Version history

  • 1.0 (September 2003) - first version.
  • 1.0 beta (August 2003) - beta release.
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