Group Balance

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I handle: A should not participate in an expense?

Enter expense as usual, tap on "Some" button, select participants for expense.

How do I add more currencies?

Select activities in the upper left, tap on Settings icon in the upper left, then on Currencies. Or enter an expense, type an amount, and tap the three-letter currency code next to the amount field.

How do I handle: A borrows B some money?

Record a payment on the Balances tab from A to B. If the money is in foreign currency, just change the currency by tapping on the amount, then on the currency button to the right of it (just like for expenses).

I forgot to enter an expense, or need to amend an entry, and participants have already made balance payments. What do I do?

Just make the change on the Expenses tab, new open payments will be automatically calculated on the Balances tab.

How do I handle: A got money back, e.g. from a deposit?

Enter a negative expense for payer A.

How do I handle split payments for an expense?

Enter the expense as usual, select a payer, than tap on Split in the upper right. You can either enter a percentage or the amount for each payer.

Participant A is a couple, but only one of them joined an expense. How do I handle partial participation?

Enter expense, tap on Some, select Split, and change the weight (or percentage) for the participating parties.

Last Update: 2021-03-04