Secret! Strong Encryption For Your Data

Tips For Switching from Palm To Pocket PC/Windows Mobile

Please install Secret! Pocket PC and Secret! Desktop from our download page. Note: even if you've already installed Secret! Desktop before, please reinstall the latest version after you have installed ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center, so that the necessary registry entries for ActiveSync are created.

Make sure you have a current backup of your Palm data (directory ...\palm\<user>\backup).

  1. Start Secret! on your Pocket PC and define a new password.
  2. Make sure Secret! appears in the ActiveSync synchronization (if not, activate Secret! in ActiveSync Tools - Options).
  3. In the user drop down list of the Secret! Desktop password dialog, you should now see both your Palm user name, marked with (Palm), and your Pocket PC owner name, marked with (device name).
  4. Make sure you can open Secret! Desktop with your password for the selected Pocket PC user.
  5. Both Secret! Desktop and Secret! Pocket PC can import data in Secret! Palm format (*.pdb). We suggest to import in Secret! Desktop.
  6. Open Secret! Desktop and select File - Import... (Type: Secret! Data *.pdb) and importier the file Secret2.pdb from the backup directory of your Palm user (...\palm\<user>\backup\Secret2.pdb). Secret! Desktop will ask you for your Secret!(Palm)-Passwort so the imported data can be decrypted.
  7. Alternatively, copy the file Secret2.pdb to your Pocket PC into directory \My Documents, then start Secret! and select Records - Import (Type: Secret! Data Files). Secret! will ask you for your Secret!(Palm)-Passwort so the imported data can be decrypted.
  8. All your records, categories and settings (Read-only, Paragraph mode, TAN mode) will be imported and are then also available in Secret on your Pocket PC.

Caution: ActiveSync does not make complete backups of your device the way HotSync does. If you do not use Secret! Desktop, you need to manually back up your Secret! data, e.g. by exporting it in *.pdb format and copying the exported file to an expansion card.

You can find further information about Secret! Pocket PC here.