Secret! Secret! for iPhone/iPod Touch

Secret!, the easy-to-use plain text encryption program, is now also available for iPhone/iPod touch

Secret! iPhone was was developed by in cooperation with LinkeSOFT. You can download it from the Apple App Store for just US$ 6.99.

Please read the complete Secret! iPhone manual here.

Desktop synchronization via WLAN (WiFi) is available for Windows with Secret! Desktop 6 or newer, and Mac OS with MacSecret iPhone Edition.

Secret! Desktop Synchronization

Both the iPhone/iPod touch and the PC must be in the same network, e.g. via WLAN (WiFi). Synchronization via iTunes (USB) is not supported, because Apple does not open iTunes for third-party applications. Secret! Desktop uses Apple Bonjour (usually installed together with iTunes) to find the iPhone/iPod touch in the network. If Secret! Desktop cannot connect to Secret! iPhone, please check that the iPhone is connected to your local network (not the Internet via GSM).

You need to create a new data file because Secret! for iPhone uses a different data format. Secret! Desktop will automatically create such a new file and convert your data to the new format when you select Tools - Sync with iPhone for the first time.

To start the synchronization, select Tools - Sync with iPhone. Then start Secret! on your iPhone, tap on the little (i) button in the lower left, then on the Sync button. A 4-digit PIN is displayed next to the Sync button in Secret! iPhone. Enter this PIN in the Secret! Desktop iPhone PIN dialog. The PIN is used to safeguard the synchronization against other users in the same network. If you always synchronize your iPhone with this PC, you can check the Auto-connect box. Then you do not need to enter any PIN again as long as you synchronize with the same device.

When the synchronization is finished, Secret! Desktop will be automatically updated. On Secret! iPhone, you'll see a popup when the sync is completed.

The first time you synchronize with Secret! iPhone, records on both sides will be merged (i.e. added). Afterwards, everything (including deletions) will be synchronized in both directions. Secret! Desktop will create a .bak file next to your Secret! data file. This file contains a copy of the data after the last sync and is required for proper synchronization.


No connection between Secret! Desktop and Secret! iPhone
Secret! Desktop uses the Bonjour service to find the iPhone on your network. Some firewalls block Bonjour. Please follow Apples instructions to enable Bonjour.


Last Update: 2018-06-05