MacSecret 1.2.3 Strong Encryption For Your Data

MacSecret is the Mac OS X companion to Secret!

MacSecret was developed by in cooperation with LinkeSOFT. You can view, edit and remove Secret! data on your Mac. It offers full, two-way synchronization with handheld and support for synchronizing with multiple PCs.

System Requirements

MacSecret runs on Mac OS X.4 or newer. It requires Secret! for Palm 3.x and MissingSync.

Installation And Upgrade

Download and run the installation image.

If you have not yet used Secret! on your handheld, you must first install it, open it on the handheld (so that a new database is created), and synchronize with your Mac.

How To Use MacSecret

You can find detailed instructions in the online help and in the accompanying PDF.

Version History

Last Update: 2018-06-05