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Tips for switching from Palm to iPhone

There is a way to get your FemDays Palm data on the iPhone, but it's not as easy and straightforward as we'd like to have it (due to Apple effectively "sealing" applications on the iPhone).

Assuming you still have Palm Desktop and your FemDays data in the Palm backup directory, you'll first need to download our Excel Export-Spreadsheet. This will read your FemDays Palm data and convert it into Excel. Note: export via this Excel spreadsheet is only supported for PCs (not for Macs).

You could now

a) Send us the Excel and we convert it an upload it to a private section on our server and send you a link which you open in Safari on your iPhone which in turn will start FemDays iPhone and import the data. Note: the Femdays symptoms need to be in standard order (tap a date, Edit..., Customize, Reset to reset the symptom order).

b) Do it yourself by saving the Excel file in *.csv format (comma-separated values), making sure the columns match the order of symptoms that you've configured in FemDays iPhone.

The default order of symptoms is:
Date,Bleeding,Inter,The Heart,Cramps,PMS,Headache,Mood,Other,Notes

Then upload the csv file to your own web server, and access it in Safari iPhone like this:

If you choose a), we'll of course keep your data private and delete it as soon as you notify us that the download was successful.

You can find further information about FemDays iPhone here.