SongBook Songs and Chords

Frequently Asked Questions

My songs are in Word files, can I use them with SongBook?

SongBook only works with text files in tab or chordpro format. You need to save your Word file as plain text (*.txt). The SongBook editors have a command/menu to convert text files that have the chords on a separate line (called tab format) into proper chordpro format. Note that there's usually some manual adjustment needed to get the chords at the right position. Once the song is in chordpro format, chords will always display correctly, regardless of font and zoom settings, you can look them up, and you can transpose easily into different keys.

How can I add bar lines or other signs next to the chords?

Just write them in square brackets like the normal chords, e.g. [|]. When transposing a song, SongBook will ignore all non-chords.

Does SongBook work with pedal XY?

Almost all pedals can be configured to send Page Up/Down or Arrow Up/Down keys. SongBook supports these keys to scroll songs and optionally move to the next/previous song. SongBook on iOS and Android 5 or higher also support MIDI pedals.

How do I best link backing tracks (music files) with songs?

Copy the music (MP3) file into the SongBook folder, and insert a {musicpath: file.mp3} statement in the song. This works on all platforms. Dropbox Sync will also synchronize the music files in the SongBook folder. There's an option in SongBook to start the linked music together with auto-scrolling. Use the standard volume controls of the platform to adjust the playback volume.

I play in a band and what to share my songs with my band members. How's the best way to do that?

Use Dropbox Sync. We recommend that every band member uses his/her own Dropbox account. You can share your Dropbox/SongBook folder with the others, either in read-write or in read-only mode. Note that they need to move or rename the shared folder so that it is called SongBook and in the main Dropbox folder. SongBook only syncs with the Dropbox/SongBook folder (and its direct sub folders).

If you play in several bands, you can also share sub folders (categories) of the SongBook folder only, or move a shared folder below the main SongBook folder to have your own, not-synchronized songs.

SongBook iOS/Android has a built-in Internet search. Why is this missing in the desktop apps?

On iOS and Android it's difficult to work with several apps in parallel, that's why we built that functionality into the SongBook app. On Windows or Mac, you can just use your normal web browser, e.g. Chrome or Safari to search for songs, then save the song in the SongBook folder, or create a new song in SongBook and copy/paste the text from the browser into the editor.

Suddenly, Dropbox Sync has stopped working, what can I do?

Dropbox has switched off their old sync API and forced all developers to switch to a new sync method. We implemented the new sync mechanism in SongBook for iOS 4.1 and SongBook for Android 4.3. To be able to continue to sync with Dropbox, you need to update your SongBook app to the latest version. Note that apps on some older hardware cannot be upgraded. In that case you can still copy files manually via iTunes or USB connection.